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Title. Acıbadem Mixed Use

Date. 2015

Location. Istanbul, Turkey.

Area. 40.000 m²

Services. Architectural Conceptual Project & Investment Consultancy

Stage. Concept

The objective is to develop a new project for the area of 10,800 m² to be constituted through combination of 10 housing parcels on Acıbadem Avenue, Istanbul.


The project is triggered by parcel-based urban transformation dynamics in the district; essential design issues include examination of housing and transformation models on the avenue, level differences up to 9 meters within parcel, analysis on possibilities of public use, and maximization of the utilization of floor area ratio expected by the investor.

Along Acıbadem Avenue, urban texture consists of 4-storey houses with commercial functions on ground floor. The objective is to design an office & park complex in form of blocks of lesser floors with commercial facilities on the ground floor and office units on the higher ones, in order to ensure sustainability of current texture.


Accordingly, the buildings are drawn into parcel borders and it is intended to define a new urban area on the space formed in the center. Through open gates, the users are expected to involve in the building and the urban space unknowingly. The space, formed as a park open for public use, seeks creating an urban depth that ensures transition between avenues and backstreets.


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