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Title. Delta Machinery-Spektra Jeotek Headquarters & Factory Building

Date. 2013

Location. Ankara, Turkey.

Area. 23.000 m²

Services. Architectural and Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey General Constructing

Stage. Completed

In line with the worldwide global vision of Spektra Jeoteknik and producing Delta Makine, a company specialized in mine searching, planning and operations, as well as drilling machines; there is a need for a new plant and administrative building. It is resolved to combine various units which were in 

city center, under a single roof at Başkent Organized Industrial Zone in Temelli, Ankara.


Main design criteria are determined as follows: Construction habits of the industrial zone, spatial requirements of the plant for production, spatial relationships between administrative and production units and quest on land use possibilities.

Unlike the conventional design of industrial buildings where production and administration units are separated on basis of architecture and mass, the objective was to constitute a single structure in visual terms. Spaces such as engineering units, administration, showroom, dining hall and dressing rooms were designed so as to grasp the production section from one side. The composition of façade, designed in consideration of varying area needs and vertical heights of office units, was dismantled so as not to distort the overall geometric perception of the building. Thus, daylight and fresh air can penetrate into office units; besides, a dynamic façade composition is established.


It was decided to categorize office units under 3 titles: Administrative department, showroom and service spaces. The relation of each of these spaces within themselves and with production sections is determined as the main focus. In this respect, principal data for planning phase consists of the following: transport of drilling machines, manufactured at the factory, to showroom; limits of the relation to be established between the factory staff and dressing room, dining hall and administrative units; access and control of engineering units on production section; definition of relation of guests with administration and production sections. First floor of administrative section, as well as the spaces around gallery between floors, is to be utilized as interactive

spaces where employers can socialize.


It is planned to maximize green-fields and playfields to be used by employees, almost pushing the limits of building approximation.

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