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Title. DesignOn Head Office

Date. 2014

Location. Ankara, Turkey.

Area. 250 m²  

Services.  Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey Interior Applications & FF&E 

Stage. Completed

The design is developed on the basis of a dynamic equilibrium that seeks surpassing ordinary ways of seeing in third dimension under a functional and rational layout that minimizes area losses.The space was established in a colorful, unique, participative manner to provide employees withsense of belonging. Accordingly, the meeting hall, which is designed as a dissident mass with trapezoidal surfaces, takes place at the entrance with a strong composition; besides, it is a complementary element on surrounding spaces and circulation.

Physical and visual relation established between meeting hall, library and open office, is designed so as to support research and discussion environment.


Elements in the space stand out with individual unusual colors and geometries; occasionally, they blend with the visual whole thanks to minimal structure. White surfaces constitutes background, exposed reinforced concrete elements and natural oak veneer are preferred as main color and materials. Elements such as fan-coil, fresh air and sprinkler are embedded in perimeters; therefore, gradual use of space height is maximized.

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