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Title. Kempinski Grand Hotel

Date. 2009

Location. Gelendjik, Russia

Area. 70.000 m²

Services. Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey Interior Applications & FF&E, Finishing Work Controller

Stage. Completed


The building is constructed as the first-ever resort hotel on Black Sea coast of Russia.

Gelendzhik is an outstanding coastal town with subtropical climate and wonderful geography. In line with the growing tourism potential of the region, it was planned to build a complex that includes convention center, spa, coastal buildings, apartment units and hotel block pursuant to international up-to-date hotel standards.

On the first floor, lobby and lobby bar are connected with the vast atrium full of daylight; so as to create an inviting space to socialize for guests. The thick flooring trace (technical floor), which separates bedrooms floors from first floor comprises textured materials and indirect lighting details; therefore, it becomes an element that defines the space in third dimension. Expected to make a strong first impression on visitors, the space possesses a design far from exaggeration, having natural materials that ensure soft transitions between colors.

Bedrooms floors display coherent design that features comfort and does not strain the eyes. Furniture comprises clear, well-defined geometry and natural wood veneer; while textile elements possess pastel tones in line with veneering colors.

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