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Title. Radisson Blu Resort Hotel & Congress Centre

Date. 2011

Location. Sochi, Russia

Area. 60.000 m²

Services. Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey Interior Applications & FF&E, Finishing Work Controller

Stage. Completed

The building is constructed within the scope of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and consists of hotel and convention center to host The Olympic Committee. The center is to host press conferences, publicities, interviews and administrative functions; the necessity for conduct of such elaborate system brings along a tough project process. Main titles during project process include the following: Examination of functional decisions on spaces so as not to allow any mistakes, perfect functioning of technical infrastructure, meeting the international standards of Olympic Committee, fulfillment of relevant standards and requests for that the building keeps functioning in the wake of Olympics, and meeting expectations of investor with regard to flawless functioning of coordination between all disciplines.

In addition to a bed capacity of 1000, the building possesses convention hall of 1500 m², meeting halls, committee rooms, spa & fitness center, indoor swimming pool, main restaurant, two a-la-carte restaurants, lobby bar and night club.

Structural elements in various sections of the building refer to Russian culture and Olympics, albeit in a manner to avoid imitation.

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