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Title. Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Hotel

Date. 2013

Location. Sochi, Russia

Area. 70.000 m²

Services. Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey Interior Applications & FF&E, Finishing Work Controller

Stage. Completed

The principal criteria for the building, which was designed within the scope of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, include importance of time and budget planning due to obligation of accomplishing the project until the beginning of Olympics, the use of building as resort hotel following the Olympics, priorities and requests of Radisson, and development of a common design language to spread the determined spa-hotel concept within entire building.


Having a bed capacity of 1020, the hotel also comprises facilities such as spa and fitness center of 3,400 m², indoor swimming pool, multipurpose hall and meeting rooms of 750 m², main restaurant, 2 a la carte restaurants and lobby bar.

Since it is primarily a hotel for Olympics, symbolic and thematic design, which can be easily traced in similar buildings, was avoided as far as possible; instead, a simple and modern design, where interspatial functional and perceptual continuity was brought into forefront. Accordingly, the curvilinear walls between lobby, lobby bar, main restaurant and special restaurants, as well as similar ceiling and floor coverings, intend to constitute sequential spaces. Lighting elements and movable furniture, which display a contrary posture via their color and forms compared to this continuity, lead to a perceptual distortion. This dramatic relation between structural and movable elements is designed to meet the symbolic effect expected by general users and investors of resort hotels.

Spa design was formed in line with flawless functioning of spatial relation between sub-functions loyal to main function, use of natural and textured material, indirect lighting preferences, and choice of comfortable and modern furniture designs; consequently, a totality of calm and impressive spaces was attained.


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