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Title. Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Hotel Villas

Date. 2013

Location. Sochi, Russia

Area. 1.500 m²

Services. Interior Architectural Project, Turnkey Interior Applications & FF&E, Finishing Work Controller

Stage. Completed

The project within the scope of Radisson Paradise Resort & Spa Hotel consists of 6 villas, each of 350m². Investor has decided to release them as villas for hosting VIP guests during Olympics and for accommodation of a family of 8 following the event; accordingly, architectural planning is reviewed and each villa was designed to function also independently from hotel.

It was a crucial question how to manage interior design of a house for which the end user is unknown. At this stage, the design was developed in line with the general resolution to maintain the simple and functional design language of hotel complex that incorporates the buildings.


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